About us

The company name "Unitense" is the combination of "universal", "intelligent" and "sense": we sense everything via intelligent sensors. The Chinese name "万悟" means that we strive for accurate and precise sensors to extend the boundaries of human sense.

The company located in Shenzhen city of China, has 15 years of experience in sensor design and manufacturing. The cost-efficient gas sensors are used for indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, ventilation control of HVAC and fresh air systems, automotive cabin air quality control, gas leakage detection, industrial process control, and agriculture monitoring and control.

Our Vision
The era of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence has come. Intelligent sensors are key nodes to perceive the environment and the unknown world. Like the human smell, gas sensors provide the sense of smell for intelligent terminals, which can replace or even complete the impossible work of human beings. Therefore, the sensor market is full of imagination. Developing excellent, intelligent gas sensors is an "ordinary feat" to promote the progress of the times. The challenge is that sensor development and manufacturing is a complex project involving multiple disciplines. We will strive to improve the knowledge and resource pool and win a place in the world sensor market.
Our team
Unitense Innovation has been deeply engaged in the sensor industry for over 15 years, relying on its profound research and development capability and rich experience in process control to create consistently high-quality sensors. All the R&D and engineering team members have bachelor's degrees or above, most of whom have ever worked in well-known international sensor companies. The team in the company has the whole-process experience of connecting with top-level international customers to build highly reliable sensors from design input to mass production. We always follow the automotive quality management system (& Advanced Product Quality Planning procedures) to develop and manufacture gas sensors.